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Father's Day: Dad Dates

28 August, 2020

Dad Dates for Father’s Day

If you’ve been feeling the walls come in on you lately, you’re not alone: the shifting restrictions have shaken things up and left us all a little worse for wear. With Father’s Day coming up, it’s a great opportunity to swing for the fence and reconnect with your dad with some quality time, as well as give you an outfit that’ll pump your tires up and give you some mojo back. Here are some ideas we're looking at making the most of:

1: Dinner Duo 

Not exactly reinventing the wheel here, but ask yourself: when was the last time you and your old man went out for a really good meal, just the two of you? Book yourselves in for a late afternoon suiting fix and then back it up with a nice meal. Opt for something with a little edge – a place with a long drinks list and without the parmy/steak he’ll usually order – and give him a taste of where you spend your nights (if he’s already frequenting these joints then kudos to him). Still feeling the vibe? Try a late night haunt that’ll sit outside his usual comfort zone, without making him uncomfortable. 

2. Quarantinis

If you’re stuck at home because of the nonsense that’s slapping the world in the face, then try and plan something a little special anyway. Start off with a good bottle of something special, order in some takeaway, move on to another good bottle and then follow our online guide to measuring yourself for suiting glory. By the time the night’s over, you’ll have spent a fun night designing the suit of your dreams (both of you) with a little buzz. 


3. Sunny Daze

Not the wine and dine type? Book in at one of our Showrooms for an early appointment and follow it up with a sunny day in the great outdoors - play nine holes, go for a hike, or just take a six pack to your favourite oceanside spot. It’s a beautiful world out there and most of us have been spending our days at home, so it’s a good excuse to give yourself and your old man a shot of Vitamin D!

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