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Blazing Blazers: Go Bold In The Cold

19 July, 2021

Blaze It Up: Go Bold In The Cold

For some time Game of Thrones promised that Winter is coming, and after checking our calendars we can confirm that they were correct (even though we hope your sartorial winter is more of a bang than the final season). That means it’s time to pack away the linen, seersucker and brightly coloured cotton (not to mention the jet ski; until next Summer) and welcome back your Winter draft picks: coats, scarves and thick woollen suits. If the idea of drowning away the Winter months in layers and layers of grey and navy has you a bit blue (literally and figuratively) then don’t fret; our range of statement blazers have arrived, and it’s the perfect way to inject some colour, texture and pattern into your outfit to help break the cold slump. Here are some tips on selecting and styling the often underrated mid-year specialist garment, the blazer.

  1. Sunny Disposition: Someone once said that to look good is to feel good, and colour can go a long way to adding a bright Summer zing to your outfit in the cooler months. Blazers in shades of red, blue, green and brown - particularly on the darker end of the spectrum - are great as separates with tailored trousers and can carry you through from more casual days at home or the office to evening drinks, smart casual events and seeing your Mum (a colourful blazer is the quickest route to ensuring she knows you’re taking care of yourself and doing alright.)


  2. Check, please: Nothing says ‘Wooh, Winter!’ like a bold check blazer. From wide window-panes to smaller and subtler check patterns, our winter-ready check fabrics begging to be crafted in to seasonal statement blazers. Just be wary of overdoing the patterns - the rest of your ensemble needs to be neutral and set the base for the statement piece. Double down on navy and grey and let the star of the show - the blazer - walk the talk.


  3. Textural Healing: In the end, the thing that really separates a Winter blazer from a Summer blazer is the texture of the fabric. While linen (and lighter cotton) are perfect for party season, wool - and particularly thicker wool - is a mid-year specialist. Look for those fabrics with lots of beautiful, rough texture. The thicker weave will keep you warm and ensure you’re channeling bold British elegance.


  4. Devilish Details: The thing about statements blazers is that they make a heck of a statement. That means that the really bold off-the-rack jackets released by large brands every year are pretty easy to spot in a crowd. If you look carefully, you’ll see the same three or four statement blazers on rotation at your formal events and casual Friday commute. The best way to combat sartorial saturation is to invest in something custom. Not only will our unique range of fabrics ensure your garment is one in a million, you can supervise the details to meet your every need and ensure total uniqueness - fabric, buttons, pockets, lining and more. 


  5. Versatile Player: Bold is gold, but get the basics right first. Invest in a couple of classic and versatile blazers - in navy, grey (and even deep green) - and you’ll be amazed at how much they get worn, and how different they look when paired with different shirts, trousers and shoes. Just remember that a truly versatile blazer, one that can be worn with a tie and with jeans, can show off more casual detailing - opt for patch pockets and coloured buttons to make sure you don’t look like that guy who has a single navy suit for all occasions.


To design your own custom, tailored blazer, try our online design tool, or alternatively make a video appointment or showroom appointment.

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