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The InSider | Style Trader: Invest in Banker Collar Shirts

12 April, 2021

Style Trader: Invest in Banker Collar Shirts

As with many of the most iconic garments in sartorial history, the banker collar has a mythical and often-debated history. The story, they say, started in New York City in the 1820s, when a blacksmith’s wife grew sick of washing her husband’s shirt so often, owing to the dirt on the collar and cuff. Cutting off the collar and cuffs, she connected them to the shirt with strings, allowing for the separate washing of the pieces of the shirt most likely to get dirty. Before long, the white collars and cuffs were adopted by the sartorially astute, attached to colourful and patterned contrasting fabrics.


In more recent times, the shirt has become a garment most closely associated with figures in the banking world, owing to such silver screen icons as Gordon Gekko. While it has come in waves in popularity, it does retain a certain vintage credibility - it’s an iconic garment with tailoring hubris. The trick, as with any statement garment, lies in the execution - the fit should be perfect, the materials high standard and the styling should be restrained and conservative. So long as you’re resisting the urge to overdo the other colours and patterns in your outfit, the shirt will look striking, impressive and well thought out, rather than gimmicky. 

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Our personal preference is to opt for a narrow to medium stripe base fabric, whether it be pink, blue or navy. This allows for a nice contrast and doesn't blend too much to the point where it looks as though it could be a design error. For the bold, pair with a striped tie or play it classic with a solid dark tie. You can shop our banker shirts here, or you can design your own custom, tailored shirt here.

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