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Autumn Racing Season: Seasonal Flannel & Other Trackside Style Winners

4 March, 2020

Race Ready: Autumn Racing Season Preparation

Rather than betting on last-minute off-the-rack suits you’ll be seeing all over the racecourse this year, why not put in your punt club due diligence and plan to step out in something truly one-of-a-kind? 

Our range of seasonal lightweight flannel fabrics make for perfect trackside style, mixing classic patterns with a little warmth and lots of sure-thing impact. Plus, you can double down on race-ready details like extra wide lapels, side tabs, colourful linings and whatever else you think will win you a best dressed gong (at least in your group of mates).

Here’s three looks we’re confident putting some money behind this year.

The Whole Nine Yards

There are so few reasons to get dressed to the nines these days. Offices are celebrating casual dress codes, wedding parties are donning linen shirts and trousers, and black tie events are reserved for diplomats. The races, though, is that rare occasion where you can pull out all the stops and aim for the sartorial stars. We’re particularly fond of utilising those special occasion fabrics and design options that zing a little too much for the office - bold windowpane designs, double-breasted jackets, big wide lapels, waistcoats and bold accessories. Considering the time of the year, seasonal fabrics like lightweight flannel are a great choice - it’s rare we get to wear these elegant British-inspired fabrics with such purpose. Just be wary of overcooking the look and descending into novelty; rather than trying to do it all, pick a highlight statement piece and stick to classics for the rest. If that’s a look-at-me loud suit, stick to a block colour shirt and subtly patterned colour tie/pocket-chief. 

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Mix & Match

Channel a sophisticated Italian spin on suiting separates and opt for a mix & match approach to jacket and trousers. That could mean wool suiting separates, or it could mean a pair of chinos with a blazer. The key to successful matching lies in the details. If you’re matching wool and wool, be wary of clashing patterns and colours - blue on blue or grey on grey is difficult to pull off (subtle differences will look accidental) and checks on checks or checks on stripes is a lot of activity. Stick to different colours (navy and grey is a safe bet) and if there’s a pattern on one garment, ensure the other is simple. If you’re going to be wearing chinos, a more casual jacket is your best bet (lest you look like you’re just getting extra wear from your work suit) - choose details like a textured fabric, patch pockets and a less structured lining. And, considering you’ve already got variation between trouser and jacket, a more neutral and classic selection of shirt, shoes and tie is ideal.

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Sure Thing

Bet on classics by opting for a classic navy or grey suit and you’ll reap the rewards. Not only will you cut an elegant figure trackside, you’ll get more license to play with accessories and have some fun, confident the sophistication of the suit will be a blank canvas for colours and patterns. Plus you’ll have a versatile suit you can rewear again and again, for work, weddings and any other formal event. Our tip? Go a step further and tweak the normal work suit with a customised detail that separates you from the pack, like a double-breasted construction, a bold lapel or a playful lining. 

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