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Are your collars on point?

24 July, 2017

So, it’s 7.30am on a Monday morning and you’re getting ready for the busy work day ahead. You open your wardrobe and you go through all your shirts and suddenly came to the realisation that the collars of your shirts have a slight variation, what do you do now? Don’t panic, let us guide you through which collar is suitable for the right occasion, from business to casual let’s get your collar situation on point. 



Middle Spread

The Middle Spread collar is known to be the most common style at InStitchu. It allows to be worn at any location, with or without a tie due to a wider open area or “spread” between the two points, perfect for the first day on the job or weekend away.


Pointed   The pointed collar comes in ‘short, middle and long’. The pointed collars give a more classic gentleman look and feel as it was originated from the military uniforms and has kept its presence in contemporary menswear. As the points focus on adding length the collar is well suited for a person with a round shaped face. 


Cutaway Collar

Designed to be worn with a very large tie knot, the cutaway collar takes its name from the fact that it literally looks like someone “cut away” part of the fabric. Think of it as an extreme spread collar that’s more prevalent on red carpets than in boardrooms. In saying that, the banking and finance industry has certainly taken on the cutaway as a way to stand out from the rest of the crowd.



Rounded Collar

The rounded collar has been around since the mid-1800s as part of the Eton College, an exclusive club for men. The popularity of the Eton College and exclusivity of the collar style led to the mass production of the collar. Today the collar is seen as a stylish take on the more traditional collars.


Band Collar

A more heritage approach; this collar will take you back in time when worn as it originates from the traditional Mandarin Collar that was worn by Mandarins in Imperial China.  Today it gives a softer more relaxed approach which can be combined with jeans, chambrays. More fashion forward brands are incorporating this style into their collections for a dressier style.



Winged Collar

The winged collar is a traditional collar style that is designed to be worn along with a traditional tuxedo and bowtie. Mainly for formal events such as weddings, cocktail or white and black tie events.


Buttoned Down collar as an option

The buttoned down collar is traditionally worn as a casual attire which had origins from the sporting field when polo players wanted their collars buttoned down so to avoid the collar flapping up. 



Hidden Button Down Collar

The hidden button down collar allows you to add two buttons under the collar points which helps to stabilise the points. The collar is popular for men that are always on the move but still need to keep it professional by having a clean collar.



Okay, so we’ve established the eight essential collar types that your wardrobe needs, how each is different with their own unique personalities and which to cater to different occasions. If you’re still overwhelmed with the number of options, come into our showroom. Our InStitchu Stylist is dedicated to giving the best styling tips and catering to each individual’s wants and needs.

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