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Icon of Style: Alberto Scaccioni

24 July, 2017

Alberto Scaccioni is an iconic figure of the biannual Pitti Uomo. Alberto is the CEO of the Enta Moda Italliana export trade group and the general secretary of Centre di Firenze, the group that owns Pitti Immagine (Pitti Uomo) fashion trade fairs. A big deal indeed.

Pitti Uomo aims to showcase to the world what Italy brings to the world of fashion. Alberto's job is to showcase Italy's thousands of manufacturers of high quality cloth, yarn and fabrics. He mentioned in an interview, 'Made in Italy' is still a real thing. At Enta Moda Italiana, Alberto's job is to take small and medium sized Italian fashion companies global to discover new markets and growth.

Alberto's Style

In an interview with The Bespoke Dudes Alberto said he likes to start from classic and then add a twist. This twist ensures his individuality, regardless of what the Italian media or magazines are pushing for. He doesn't like to stick to one category i.e classic, ivy, rugged etc. Alberto prefers to grab inspiration from each category and weave it together.

In the same interview, Alberto gave his one most important piece of advice for men to be well dressed. It is simply confidence. Be confident in a simple choice or in an experiment.

Alberto echoed a piece of advice that is critical in building a high quality wardrobe. Buy less but always ensure you buy the best that you can afford. You pay for what you get and high quality products will last a lifetime and build upon your style definition.

How to Borrow from Alberto's Style

Alberto has a varied style and can be seen sporting double-breasted suits, three-piece suits and the blazer and trouser combination look.

Blazer & Trouser

Alberto generally keeps to a plain white pair of chinos. His blazers range from classic navy DB or a statement blazer. Fabrics I suggest include #16, #17, #25, #34, #64 or #73. Go online and have a look yourself.

Three-Piece Suits

Want to mix up your three-piece suit style? Take a handy tip from Alberto's book, consider implementing a contrasting and complementary fabric to your next three-piece outfit. Try adding a check or patterned vest to a plain suit or mix the colours. A lighter grey vest with a charcoal suit.


Alberto can confortable (and confidently) pull off the double-breasted suit effortlessly. Want to introduce a casual/Italian Pitti vibe to your DB suit? Make your lower pockets patch pockets. This will reduce the formality of the suit and open up the range of circumstances to wear it.

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