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5 essential grooming tips that will take your routine to the next level

24 July, 2017

Here at InStitchu we love taking care of ourselves; we believe a tailored suit is the ultimate sign of a guy who values his appearance. But there is more to taking care of yourself than just looking dapper in your custom InStitchu suit.

We have partnered with gentSac to make it easier for our customers to look good and feel great. gentSac has taken the hassle out of shopping for grooming essentials by creating a subscription based solution. There are 4 gentSac options to choose from - Classic, Lifestyle, Active or Corporate - each with different products to suit different lifestyles, but all coming with jocks and socks each time. You choose the frequency - monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly - and it is delivered right to your door. They also have specialty kits for things like hair care and beard care. You can also add in any extra products to your order that you may love.

We thought it was time to share 5 overlooked grooming tips that will take your routine to the next level so you look, and feel, great!

1. A quality razor for a clean shave: do not underestimate the difference a quality razor has on your skin and stubble growth. Try the Muhle Razor for the ultimate shave

2. Moisturising your face: no matter if you have oily skin or dry, moisturising is the most important step in anyone's grooming routine. Moisturising makes your skin look more fresh, youthful , vibrant. The current favourite is the Game Face moisturiser by Triumph and Disaster.

3. Exfoliating your body: There is no better feeling that scrubbing away dead skin cells and invigorating your body. Not only does your skin feel soft and smooth, it practically makes you a new man. Try Anthony Logistics Sea Kelp Scrub for the ultimate exfoliation

4. Stick Deodorant: Gone are the days of Lynx body spray. For all day freshness try a stick deodorant. Most sprays contain aluminium which is a skin irritant and often when you spray you waste so much product. A quality stick deodorant like Baxter of California is alcohol and aluminium free, smells amazing and leaves you feeling fresh all day.

5. For those of us with facial hair - Beard Oil: A beard is just hair but we don't always pay it the same courtesy as we would the hair on our head. Beard oil gives body and shine, softens the hair and leaves it smelling lovely and clean. We recommend JS Sloane Beard Oil.

Step up your grooming routine this summer with these handy tips and don't forget to check out gentSac.

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