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Stylist Series: Meet Quinton, Our Woollahra Showroom Manager

18 November, 2020

Our new Stylist Series brings to light the people behind our brand—join us as we discuss their journey's into menswear from their first suiting experience, to their current style influencers and favourite suit details, to the items they place value on, their favourite coffee, literature, wine and more...Meet Quinton

On You—Tell Us About Yourself Including One Thing People Might Not Know About You?

  One thing people might not know? I did an apprenticeship in New York where I worked for a bespoke Tailor who started his own tailoring business after leaving Savile Row in London—that's probably where I first truly appreciated the time and craftsmanship in suits.  

I'm interested in how things are made and taking things apart to figure out what makes them work...I went to design school here in Sydney where I fell in love with fashion including understanding the tradition and structure of menswear and tailoring. What else? I love getting outside on the weekend and most days I'm able to cycle into work, which beats sitting in traffic.  I'm also really into making my own food from scratch—my wife loves making cheese or kombucha at home and I'm into brewing my own beer and bread—anything that ferments, we're into it.  

On Your First Suit Experience—Tell Us About The First Suit You Ever Purchased And Your Experience.

I don’t know if I remember my first suit to be honest—I grew up in a religious family, so I always had Sunday clothes. But I do remember my first made-to-measure suit experience—I got it when I was married in 2007 from a Tailor in Sydney who’s since retired.  It was a double breasted three-piece suit in a brown herringbone.  It was honestly such a spectacular feeling getting my first custom made suit.  I enjoyed the process so much that it sparked my interest in menswear enough to take that apprenticeship in New York and to then study mens fashion and design in Sydney.


On Coffee—What Do You Wake Up With In The Morning? 

I’ve had a Chemex for years and never looked back.  Simple and honest. (For those of us who don't know what a Chemex is (myself included), a Chemex is a glass contraption which brews coffee using the infusion method, is similar to filtered, drip coffee).

On Food—Talk Us Through Your Perfect Meal And Beverage?

I grew up eating lots of Persian food as a kid, and my wife (Greek) has fallen in love with Persian cuisine.  So we enjoy lots of fragrant rice dishes with grilled lamb, or a stew type dish called khoresht—try it!

But, I can't leave it out—my other great love is pizza and beer—nothing better than a slice and a good beer. 

On Literature—What Are Your Top 3 Reads And What Are You Reading Now?

I just finished Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari, it's a really great read about the history of people and it goes by quicker than you would think. I read Dune for the first time earlier this year by Frank Herbert—don't put this book off, I highly recommend it.  Train Dreams by Denis Johnson is an amazing piece of literature, short and beautiful and devastating. Currently I'm reading The Wind Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami, and so far, this guy will drive you to another realm and then let you find your own way out. 

On Your Style Icons—Any Style Icons That You Admire?  

Too many to list. Johnny Cash, Paul Newman, Nick Cave, Daiki Suzuki, Tom Waits, Jean Paul Gaultier, Joe Strummer.  I'm a bit all over the shop—but inspiration can be like that sometimes.  


On Suit Details And Your Sense Of Style—What Do You Think Is The Biggest Challenge Guys Face When Buying A Suit?  

For most guys buying a suit I think the hardest thing is finding the right fit—everyone's body is slightly different, so off-the-rack suits will only fit a particular type of guy or shape.  Understanding your body and how a suit should fit is an art-form, and from there you can begin to develop your own preferences in the details.

I love Autumn and Winter for fashion—flannels and tweeds are my favourite fabrics to work with since they layer well and have subtle imperfections in colour and weave that make them unique.  On the weekend, I love classic denim and workwear vibes are part of my wardrobe staples.  But when it comes to suiting, I look forward to breaking out heavy weighted herringbone tweeds and broad windowpane patterns in the cooler months. 

On Your Items Of Value—What Are Your Most Prized Possessions?

I try not to be very sentimental about possessions these days.  I’ve moved around so much that it’s hard to get too attached to anything.  But I’ve got my grandfather's dog tags from WWII, and my first camera that I used to shoot 35mm film on—an old Canon AE-1 that still takes a great picture.

On InStitchu—What Do You Think Makes Us Unique? 

The way our Showrooms are set up—as guys, we're programmed to walk into a store and try on three or four trousers or jackets and then pick one and walk out.  And the only interaction is paying on the way out. Where as our Stylists sit down with a client and spend time to understand what they're looking for and what's missing in their wardrobe.  Clients come back time and again to get that level of service because it's unique and something that we're not used to, but we appreciate someone helping us through this process who can give good advice for what works for them. 


View our full list of our Showrooms here, including our brand new Woollahra Showroom where you will find Quinton.

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