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Pocket Square Me Now!

24 July, 2017

The pocket square has sadly been overlooked in recent times but every man should have at least one in his ensemble. We have certainly seen these wonderful little accessories make a bit more of an appearance thanks to the help of some recent television shows but they aren't yet quite as accepted as they should be.

I think my favourite quote would have to come from Nicholas Antongiavanni, a self confessed Dandy and qualified Tailor. He writes;

"Without doubt your ensembles become great with the addition of a pocket handkerchief. Lacking one, you cannot be considered fully dressed, much less well dressed."

For those of you who are concerned about sporting one in the working environment, you should consider the following "an ambitious man, cannot wear them, nor should he, if his environment is against them." The decision should be left up to you of when is the best time to feature a pocket square in your look but I warn you that once you've tried it, it's hard to stop.

Some rules to consider;

The pocket square should be angled up towards your left shoulder to accentuate the natural V created by your InStitchu tailored jacket

While it may take you some time to perfect the placing of a pocket square in the breast pocket, it should always give the appearance of being thrown in without a care for how it looks

You can certainly cheat to achieve the straight cut 'Ad Men' look by using a safety pin or a piece of rigid cardboard to keep the square in place.


A white pocket square is simple and clean will suit any outfit but will look especially smart when coupled with a crisp white shirt.

Brighter colours should be used to enhance a relatively plain outfit. Always look to employ the puff when using one.

A darker colour silk that matches one particular colour in your tie or shirt.

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