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10 Things You Need To Know About Our Non-Iron Shirting Range

1 December, 2020

From better performance to increased durability, there are many reasons why our exclusive non-iron and wrinkle-free shirts are considered the pinnacle of our shirting range. Here are ten of them:

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  1. Basically, a non iron shirt is one you can take out of the dryer and wear straight away, with no need for ironing or steaming. It’s ready to roll.

  2. A wrinkle resistance shirt is one that will need a very quick iron or steam, but nowhere near the labour of your normal shirts. Once you’re wearing it, it’s going to hold up much better throughout the day - staying crisp and resisting wrinkles as you go about your business. 

  3. The trick to making shirts ‘non-iron’ or ‘wrinkle resistant’ is all about the way the cotton is finished. The manufacturers measure it all with something called a ‘DP Rating’ - a 3-3.5 DP Rating means it will be wrinkle free, while a 2-2.99 DP Rating will be considered wrinkle resistant. 

  4. To get really technical for a moment - something called Dimethyloldihydroxyethyleneurea (DMDHEU) that is the most commonly used durable-press finish. In this process, the chemical is first applied to the fabric. Then the fabric is heated to allow the chemicals to react with the cellulose molecules. In the reaction, the molecules of the fabric are bonded together to keep them from moving and causing wrinkles

  5. The weave and fabric weighting will also make a difference to how wrinkle resistance the shirt is. Twill constructions will hold up best, while plain weaves are more susceptible to wrinkles. Generally speaking the lighter a fabric is, the better it will be (think of how thick and stiff the wrinkles are in your heavier Oxford shirt - they can take a while to iron out.)

  6. Besides appearance, there are no sensory differences to the fabric. They are exactly the same as your current favourite shirts!

  7. There are stacks of other benefits to these more exclusive finished fabrics in our range. They have an optimal wash and wear performance, so they’re going to look new for longer.  

  8. They also absorb less moisture, so they’ll hold shape and colour better. This also means they are less likely to shrink.  

  9. If you don’t wear your shirts too hard, or you tend to throw on a collared shirt for meetings, you’ll also enjoy the fact that they stay wrinkle free day to day - throw your shirt on a hanger when you’re done and it will retain its shape for the next time you need to wear it.

  10. And finally, because these fabrics are all 2 ply, they’ll be more breathable throughout the day. It’s particularly helpful for warmer months or parties where you need to keep your temperature down.

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