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Custom(er) Stories: Ganellen Managing Director - Nick Kodos

19 May, 2019

Custom(er) Stories: Nick Kodos 

Stepping through InStitchu’s Showroom doors, there are gentlemen from all different walks of life, (and with different body shapes), including chefs, bankers and basketball players, all with one commonality—to find their perfect fit. Nick Kodos, Managing Director of Ganellen is one of these gentlemen (pictured wearing a custom, tailored sports jacket in blue check and red check and custom, tailored cream chinos), who spent the afternoon with us sipping whisky, and telling us his unique custom(er) story. Nick said his most important title is family man, we spoke to Nick about the art of balance, and how balance has attributed to his success in work, family life, love, and friendships. 


With four children all under the age of 8, Nick has had to implement the art of building balance when it comes to work and family. “I’m a light switch—once I get home, my phone goes on my shelf and I’ll be present in the moment. I have four kids under 8 so if I don’t give them my time, things will very quickly go out of balance,” says Nick, “Being in construction six days a week, it’s very easy to live by your phone and email, constantly needing to feel connected, but at some point you just have to call it.” Alongside his strong work ethic, Nick’s family ethic is evidently strong and built upon the fundamentals of balance. “When you come home, you need to just say if you’ve done three things today, ask what were they, be grateful for them, be satisfied, and close that part of your day, and then be ready to open and welcome in whatever else comes in,” says Nick, “You’ve got four kids trying to tackle you once you’re in the door, if you’re trying to check your phone, you’re missing the whole experience.”



Just as Nick makes a conscious effort to separate work and family life, this goes the same with love. “Saturday night is date night, every Saturday night all year round we have a babysitter booked in for four hours, whether it will be a movie, dinner, or outing with friends.” Nick says with a smile.


Work relationships

Having started his career at the early age of 11, Nick would work at his Dad’s Circular Quay, Sydney based deli after school from 3PM-7.30PM every weekday, where Nick was exposed to the concept of working with people from all walks of life, from celebrities to blue collar workers, this being a fundamental building block to his strong work ethic. Now as Managing Director of Construction company Ganellen, Nick says “What I love, is working with people, supporting people, the constant challenge of having deep and honest relationships with clients. In the old construction zone it was about screwing people over and saying I won, you loss. I love the concept of working with people that you can have a drink with outside of work.” Having helped expand the company from 5-200 workers, Nick says that the key is having a balanced mindset to not just thinking about your needs, but what the other person or your client needs. “It’s this mindset that makes your working relationships sustainable beyond retirement and resignation.” says Nick.


InStitchu Custom(er) stories brings to light the stories of the faces behind the brand—our customers. From our Showrooms, to our collections, to our customisation options, each element of our brand is inspired by who we come across each day. From athletes, to bartenders, to bankers, InStitchu’s client base is diverse, woven together with many different stories. Do you have a story to tell? Learn more here.

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